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Your Betty is a really interesting, modern update of the original Archie Comics character. What makes her fit so well in 2018?
She’s modern in the sense that her whole life doesn’t revolve around Archie, as it did in the comics. She’s quite independent and handles things on her own. She’s strong, and she’s fiery. Which I like.

You now have 2 million Twitter followers and over 11 million on Instagram. How do you approach what you post online, and how do you think social media can actually do good?
I think social media is good in the sense that it’s created a big platform for a lot of artists who might not have had an opportunity to be seen, and it’s given us a chance as actors to differentiate ourselves from the characters we play. I live a very different life than Betty, and I feel like if you’re just watching the show and I didn’t have social media, you wouldn’t think I’m as outspoken as I am. So it’s a chance for us to express ourselves in a very personal way that we’re in complete control of. It doesn’t go to an editing room; it’s all directly from our fingertips.

What made you want to use your platform to speak out on mental health and body issues?
I truly can say it was never something I had to stop and consider whether I was comfortable doing or not. I just did it. It didn’t really matter how many followers I had. I’ve always kind of spoken up about stuff like that, and been very open and honest about it.

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Reinhart is adamant about her position on fame: it’s merely a byproduct of pursuing the career she loves. “I don’t act to be famous,” she declares. “I just am a performer.” Thus, her privacy is sacred, especially when it comes to her highly-speculated romance with Riverdale co-star Sprouse. ”I’m not okay talking about my relationship,” she says firmly. “I’m not going to tell you my love story. That’s just not appropriate right now.” Her family is also off-limits—“It really weirds me out when people DM my mom”—but the one thing she’s had the hardest time adjusting to is, in her words, “the speculation.” “Am I pregnant? Am I dating someone? Am I gay? Am I gaining weight? Am I homophobic?” She rattles off the allegations incredulously. “People will always have something to say. I’ve accepted that. It doesn’t mean it’s not frustrating when people say those things. It’s not like it just rolls off my back.”

First: Instagram, which she has some thoughts about. “We’re in a generation where people say, ‘Be who you are. Embrace your differences.’ And then they also praise people who have plastic faces.” She drags out the words, ensuring she conveys exactly what she intends. “It’s like, ‘don’t deny those rumors.’” She smiles, pauses, collects herself, and goes on: “Here’s the thing. If getting plastic surgery is going to make you enjoy your life better, do it…I understand if there are people out there who aren’t happy when they look at the mirror, and they can’t find that love for themselves. I know people who have gotten plastic surgery and it’s changed their lives. That’s really wonderful. But I think you should be able own up to it.” She’s also frustrated with social media’s mixed messages—mainly, the hypocrisy of the people who use it. “The most-followed people on Instagram are skinny people who have abs, long legs, silky hair, and filled-in eyebrows. But then people really love when I say, ‘It’s OK to not have a 24-inch waist and it’s OK to have pimples.’ But those same people are praising the people with images of flawless everything. Which side are you on?”

source: https://www.harpersbazaar.com/culture/film-tv/a21948648/lili-reinhart-riverdale-interview/

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