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“I was in awe a little bit about the fact that I was there and sitting up front,” she said of the experience. “It felt cool to be a part of something like that and to be in a room with so many people in the fashion industry, which I have never really been exposed to. I’ve only really been in the spotlight for not even a year, so that fact that I’m already doing fashion week is something that I don’t take for granted. I feel very honored to be where I am in such a short amount of time.”

Born in Cleveland to what she describes as a middle-class family, Reinhart started acting and modeling at an early age, before quickly realizing it was something she wanted to pursue further. “My mom would drive me from Cleveland to New York City and use my dad’s hotel points for auditions,” she recalled. “They were the most supportive parents that I could have. Without them, I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere. My mom would take off work to take me to auditions, because they believed in me, which is a very big leap of faith. Seeing it from their point of view, they must have been like, ‘Is my child even good at this?’ But they knew it brought me so much happiness.”

It was during this time that Riverdale entered the picture. “I got my first audition for the show during that period of my life when I was rebuilding myself, and in between meds,” she explained. “I went on a medicine that gave me the worst mood swings—I felt like a monster. My mom was like, ‘I can’t even be in the same room as you.’ And this is when I was self-taping for Riverdale. I spent three hours on my first audition tape, and I felt like I could not get it right. I sent it in, and wasn’t the girl. It doesn’t surprise me, because I was in a sh*t place when I taped that.”

”I auditioned in person with a fresh take, and a fire under my ass that I hadn’t had before,” she said. “I felt so close, and I had been so close to so many things before, that I didn’t want to let this one slip through. And I remember leaving the final audition and calling my manager, as I was driving towards the sunset, and saying, ‘I feel proud of myself for what I’ve done. Regardless of what happens, I feel happy and really at peace.’ And I truly felt that.”

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-You wouldn’t know it, but she had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction before the Teen Choice Awards. “Unfortunately the waistband of my dress broke 10 minutes before I was supposed to leave for the red carpet,” she says of the lace look. “So I’m actually really upset, because it didn’t look the way that it was intended to.” (We still think she looked fab!)

-The star says she has cystic acne, which she keeps in check by exfoliating with St. Ives apricot scrub, as well as an acne cleanser, toner and acne-clearing dots. “On the plane last night I had, like, seven blemish dots all over my forehead,” she admits

–Lili learned an amazing beauty trick on set — and it involves your favorite makeup sponge. “I love to apply my foundation with BeautyBlenders — I just think it gives the most natural kind of glow, but I’ve learned from being on set that you should use a damp BeautyBlender, but that you should dampen it with rosewater. It just kind of brings your skin to life a little bit more.”

-Betty’s hair and signature ponytail are somewhat symbolic of her character, Lili says. “Betty goes through a lot in season two, and you see it in her hair,” she previews. “It’s not so distracting, but it’s just a subtle little hint towards a shift in what’s going on underneath the surface.”

-Lili unwinds by watching a very familiar show on Netflix right now: Friends. “Putting that on in the background while I’m sitting on the couch, learning my lines, looking at my computer. That, to me, is de-stressing.

-If it seems like the cast of Riverdale is squad goals IRL, it’s because they are. “I’m so grateful, and I could pinch myself sometimes, like I know people aren’t as lucky as I am to go to work with your best friends, and to actually enjoy what you’re doing, and to travel the world with these people.”

-Lili also explains the meaning behind the tattoos she has on each arm. “I talk a lot about depression and anxiety and my own struggles with it, so I wanted to get it,” she shares about the arrow on her left forearm. “An arrow can only go forward by being pulled back, so when you’re going through a hard time, being pulled back, it only means you’re about to experience something bigger and greater. So that’s what that represents to me.” She also added a rose on her right arm a few months ago, because “I’m kind of a warrior for love, and I wear my heart on my sleeve.”

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