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What is it exactly that immediately draws Veronica to Betty? We had a chance to sit down with Camila Mendes (Veronica) during a recent visit to the Riverdale set. Here’s what Mendes had to say…

I think [Veronica] sees all this potential in [Betty] that is being pushed down because of her mother. [Betty’s] mother really has a negative effect on her life and I think Veronica recognizes that and is trying to bring all the strength in Betty out so that the world can see it.

We also spoke with Lili Reinhart (Betty) about the classic Betty/Veronica/Archie love triangle and the pains Riverdale took to ensure that Betty and Veronica are more than love interests, with desires past their romantic lives. She said:

There’s a lot more to Betty than just wanting to be with Archie, and I think that’s very important for us. That was important that we kind of set that tone for our show that Betty has a lot more going for her than just Archie. Both the girls …

What is it that Betty wants (in addition to Archie’s heart)? It sounds like the character will be very much drawn up in the murder mystery currently gripping the town. Betty’s sister dated Jason Blossom and was shipped off before his death, so Betty has a vested interest in getting to the bottom of the boy’s mysterious murder. Reinhart teased:

Betty is dealing with a lot of family problems in this show and in this season. She’s dealing with her sister is sent away and Betty’s uncovering or trying to discover why and so many parents are keeping so many secrets from her and there’s just a very big divide between Betty and her parents. And that’s a big arc for Betty. She’s still dealing with Archie and a love interest, but there’s a lot more to it than that.


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